ECB Clubmark is an accreditation scheme for cricket clubs which shows that a club is sustainable, well run and provides the right environment for its members. Clubmark accreditation also means your club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages, as well as assuring parents and carers that they are choosing the right option for their young people.

A survey of clubs who accredited in 2018 showed that 98% of clubs believe the scheme is important to them as a club and will continue with accreditation in the future and 60% of clubs agreed that going through the accreditation process had improved them as a club. There are currently over 1800 accredited cricket clubs across England & Wales, with a further c300 working through the process.

In 2021 we introduced the Safe Hands Management System which helps clubs with understanding and meeting their safeguarding responsibilities. This system is a key part of obtaining ECB Clubmark accreditation, but in addition we also review a clubs development plans for the future, together with key governance documents as required under the UK Sport’s Code for Sports Governance.

In order to gain Clubmark accreditation, clubs will need to provide evidence in relation to:

  • Club development plan
  • Club constitution
  • Committee structure and meetings
  • Accounts and finances
  • Adoption of ECB Safe Hands Policy and Anti-Discrimination Code
  • Club insurance
  • Compliance on the SMHS

To find out more about the requirements to gain Clubmark accreditation, click here. Accreditation will last for a period of three years and any clubs looking to again accreditation in 2023 will need to upload their evidence by 30 June.

If you have any general questions regarding Clubmark then please contact Any questions regarding the Clubmark portal should be sent to

If you are already registered on the portal you can gain access via this link –

Existing Clubs

For the 2024 season, the following requirements will need to be met by currently accredited clubs to demonstrate they are still meeting the key requirements associated with Clubmark:

1. Safeguarding Policy Statement for Clubs – this is a new document being created by the ECB Safeguarding Team to replace the need for a club safeguarding policy. The template is attached and also available on the Resources section of the Clubmark portal and can be personalised to your club. It will need to be signed and uploaded to the PLD2 section.

2. Confirmation of your current insurance (with evidence it meets the £10 million employee and £5 million public liability coverage) will need to be uploaded to the PLD3 section – UNLESS you have the ECB/Howden central insurance cover, in which case no action will be needed in relation to insurance. (More information about the free insurance can be found at:

3. Minutes from your latest/current AGM to be uploaded to the PLD5 section

4. SHMS should be a fair and accurate reflection of your club’s volunteer base

The Clubmark portal will be open for accredited clubs to upload documentation from 01 January to 30 April 2024 for currently accredited clubs to submit the required documentation. You will be able to submit documents as you did when you were originally accredited through the Clubmark portal:

i. access Clubmark portal

ii. select Clubmark logo

iii. select Planning

iv. select Proactive Leadership and Direction – Planning

v. upload required evidence in the relevant PLD section

If you have any issues or questions, please contact:

Clubmark –

Safehands –

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