Compliance & Policies

One of the core roles of Cambridgeshire Cricket is the governance of the game in the County. Cambridgeshire Cricket Limited implements policies to ensure that the game meets legal requirements and is efficiently and safely run. These cover areas such as Safeguarding, Equality, Discipline and Codes of Conduct, as well as the environment and Health & Safety.

All league clubs (and many friendly clubs) have trained Club Safeguarding Officers, whose role is to ensure that the clubs are safeguarding and protecting their players (both Under & Over the age of 18) and that all matters are dealt with in the correct and appropriate manner.

Clubs are also responsible for ensure that the ECB playing guideline, such as fast bowling regulations, are followed by their teams and players.

Leagues also have safeguarding officers in place to ensure that their clubs are following procedures as they should be.

The policies below set out the standards that people should expect to see cricket run by in Cambridgeshire, and the way that we behave and conduct ourselves.

Cambridgeshire Cricket – Code of Conduct for employees, contractors, directors, coaches and volunteers

Copies of all Policies are available to download below

Keeping up with the Socials

Amazing news from the cricket field! Our U11 team have had an excellent day at the Dynamos tournament 👏 Thank you to @Cambs_CB for organising, and @bottishamvc for hosting and providing sports leaders 👍

Well done to all participants at their after school club with our women’s and girls’ participation officer. Please contact to continue your cricket journey 🏏

Underway at our first @DynamosCricket schools competition of the summer @BVCPhysicalEd with 8 teams taking part. Weather not feeling much like summer though 🥶#dynamosschools #dynamoscricket

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